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Private Equity
Early Stage
Private Equity
Early Stage

Private Equity

We invest in tech-driven proven businesses. In addition to capital, we provide guidance on strategic and key operational improvements as well as access to an extensive network of contacts with tech market leaders.

We provide growth capital to our portfolio companies to scale core business, take on new initiatives and make acquisitions to support long-term strategy.

Value creation - Growth potential - Operational support - Transformative acquisitions - Long-term goals

Early Stage

Many founders agree that the beginning stages of shaping your company’s future are the most exciting, but also the most challenging. This is the point at which huge chances are taken, seemingly impossible ideas are shared and hypotheses are tested. All of this in the hope that the right foundation and support will bring the vision to fruition.

Introducing CYFRD Launchpad

Our VC pre-seed program supports exceptional tech talent, entrepreneurs obsessed with their ideas and mad scientists that dare to challenge convention and shape new markets.

We are open for pre-traction, pre-legal entity startups with a clear vision of why they will succeed.

Our VC pre-seed program will typically invest between USD 20 000 — 100 000 via a convertible loan or direct equity.

Who gets funded?

CYFRD leads through discovery. When evaluating applicants, we look for teams willing to go above and beyond what’s possible. We seek those who are fully committed to their vision and there’s no space for part-time founders.

We’re interested in transformative business model startups with founders experienced in the industry they aim to disrupt. Your team must also have strong internal development and a technical co-founder.

When evaluating deep tech startups we look at your ability to defend the value of your technology, prove it to be proprietary and deliver a viable proof of concept.

Think of us as your partner.

There are so many challenges that compete for your attention when you start a company. CYFRD helps you navigate this stage of the journey by lending hand to help secure fast validation, generate traction and custom fit a strategy to scale effectively.

We provide hands-on support in our main areas of expertise.

Fundraising and Investor Relations
Business model development
Strategic planning
Product validation
Business development
Advisors engagement

Geographic focus

We have a special focus on teams based in Eastern Europe.

Build the future with us
Validation - Early traction - Prototype - New business model - Blue ocean - Pivot - Metrics - Scalability